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Coleman Arm Pilot Project

Welcome to our Coleman Arm Pilot Project page. This is our first step in trying to tackle the huge issues that have turned our lake into a summertime algae haven. Over the last hundred years, the effects of logging, agriculture, development of the lake shoreline, septic inputs, and recreational use have made fundamental changes in the biology of the lakes and the biological systems that control them. The results are seen as worsening toxic algae blooms, and a proliferation of invasive aquatic weeds.

To change this harmful path, we are looking at a company called They have worked in many other lakes both within the United States and in other countries around the world. They have created a solution based on Systems Theory that can reverse the dominance of the harmful algae that create toxic algae blooms and bring the biosystem back to its natural state where fish and other native aquatic organisms are back on top.

Our first goal is to fund and complete a pilot project in Coleman Arm of South Tenmile Lake. Coleman Arm has historically been one of the worst on the lake in terms of harmful algae blooms, so if the new system can fix the issues that plaque that area, we feel confident that it can fix other areas too. 

The buttons below are linked to the website where videos can be viewed and other information can be researched to help understand the process. We encourage everyone to become informed about the lake processes and the biotechnology that we are looking at to reverse our lakes' toxic algae blooms and invasion of aquatic weeds.

We will add new information to this page as we work towards this first goal. To become involved please contact the watershed office.

Thanks for caring about our lakes!!

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