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Lake Restoration Project

TLBP is joining with State, Tribal and other local organizations to clean up Tenmile Lakes. We are researching a company called that has equipment that will fundamentally change the biosystem of the lake to make it less compatible with the harmful blue-green algae and more favorable to fish and other native aquatic organisms.

Our first goal is to fund and complete a pilot project in Coleman Arm of South Tenmile Lake. Coleman Arm has historically been one of the worst on the lake in terms of harmful algae blooms, so if the new system can fix the issues that plaque that area, we feel confident that it can fix other areas too. 

The installation and on-going maintenance costs for this system are very high, so we will need to work with our City, State, Federal and Tribal partners to appropriate the necessary funds to complete the installation. Maintenance costs will most likely have to be borne by the local community.

We encourage all local community members to become involved with this effort to eventually see our lakes restored to their former beauty. Please follow the links below to learn more about this new biotechnology.

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