The TLBP Work Plan - Everything We Do.

The Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership, like all Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) organizations, maintains a multi-year work plan document.  Everything that the TLBP does is captured and reported on the Work Plan.  OWEB requires the work plan to be updated every two years.  Listed below is a executive summary of each of the line items in the document.  View and download the current official 2017-2019 work plan here.

The TLBP uses to host all our public documents.  Meeting Agendas, Minutes, and detailed project documents can be viewed (Read-Only) by CLICKING HERE

Monitoring Program

Continued water quality monitoring and reporting of Tenmile Lakes and tributaries.

Restoration Program

Since its inception in 1994, TLBP has been working voluntarily with forestry and agricultural landowners to enhance and restore fish passage, stabilize streambanks, and improve riparian conditions along Tenmile Tributaries and Lakefront.

Outreach Program

From websites and social media, to giving away free fishing poles on Free Fishing Day, it's all Outreach!  Getting people to talk about our Watershed is this program's goal.


TLBP works voluntarily with Private Landowners as well as local, state, federal and Tribal entities to Assess-Plan-Implement-Monitor water quality and native species enhancement projects in the Tenmile Lakes Watershed.  These Partnerships are essential and assist all parties in achieving mutual goals. The Tenmile Lakes Basin Partnership would like to thank the many Partners over the years, without whose cooperation and support, gaining a better understanding and improving watershed conditions would not have been possible.

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